Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you ever check your keyword activity?

Well, I just checked out the 'recent keyword activity'-you know, the way people sometimes end up on your blog after typing in their search keywords on Google. I rarely check this stuff out, but Hunter is napping, and there's nothing else to do.

I almost spit out my homemade salsa when I saw that someone typed this into Google as a search: porn tubes extreme taboo "mad mom".

What the hell?

what does that even mean? LOL

Whoever that was definitely made me chuckle today.  So thanks weirdo, whoever you are.  You made my day.



  1. OMG that is too funny.

    How do you check that?

  2. That is wild!! There are some strange ducks out in this big world of ours!! :)

  3. I know-crazy, right?

    I use to get all of my stat info. I love it since they give so much information-like the keyword analysis, most popular pages on your blog, as well as the locations of people who are visiting. Just a fun thing to check once and a while:)

  4. I never did this, but now I'm afraid to. LOL!

  5. I have found some pretty strange entries too. Some of them I don't even know what they are!

  6. What a freak! I kinda wish I hadn't named my site what I did, I didn't even think about the show The Girls Next Door!

  7. What a weird jumble of weird words!


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