Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pacifier dilemma: How do I get my son to break his binky habit??

17 months ago, right after Hunter was born, the nurse asked me "would you like a pacifier?" for my crying newborn, I eagerly said "yes please!!"  In every piece of literature I read or saw on TV,  the message was this: the longer you keep giving your child a pacifier the more difficult it will be to break him of the habit.  

They were soooo right.  Dammit. 

So fast forward 17 months later, I still have a binky totin' toddler, who wont give it up unless I bribe him. Yes, you read that's right.

  I bribe him. 

For now.  Usually with raisins, his all time favorite.  

The thing is, when he goes to sleep, he has to have his binky, or else he won't go down.  We tried not giving it to him one night and he stayed up for hours using his crib as a trampoline.  We thought-OK.  He'll get tired. 

Negative.  Nada.  No way, José. 

Finally, after listening to squeaky springs for hours on end, I gave up and popped the sucker back in his mouth.  And all was quiet. 

For all you moms out there who have used pacifiers, binkys, pacies or whatever you might call them-what did you do to break your child of the habit?


  1. I wish I could provide you with some helpful information, but fortunately Hayden never wanted a pacifier and never used one.

    I am thankful for that... although as an infant there were moments when I wished a pacifier would soothe him... in the long run, I am glad he never wanted it.

    Good luck with breaking the pacifier habit!

    - Melissa

  2. Sorry, no tip here. The minute my girls could open their fists I introduced them to their thumb!

    You never lose your thumb, right?

    Sarah, age 2, uses it, but not that much so I will play it by ear... Emily loved her thumb so much she made it a NEw Year's resolution at age 4! She did it though and never looked back.

  3. Its a hard question for all and one everyone approaches differently. Our daugther refused to give hers up so at 2 1/2 we did something really brutal. when she dropped her dummy we put a little slit in it with the scissors and when she picked it up again she noticed and didnt want it anymore. we continued to do this with all her dummies and it worked brilliantly.

    good luck with your quest.

  4. My first was a slave to her binky until she was a little over two years old. I literally threw away all the extra binkies (yes, we had loads-you know, if one is dirty, give her another, and put two in the crib in case one is lost...)and then I started pin pricking the nipple. I kept putting more and more small holes in it and I told her that when her binky wore out it was time to throw it out. (I read this somewhere and decided to try it.)

    She didn't like the feel of it in her mouth anymore and it worked! Now I never broke pieces off or put large holes in it because I was afraid she might choke, but it wasn't smooth any longer. It might work for you. Good luck!

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  6. I honestly never even thought to put holes in the binky. But that totally makes sense! I will definitely give that a shot. Thanks!

  7. Yes, I heard if you cut the tip off they will generally lose interest.

    However, my daughter had hers until she was 4. I realize I should have done it sooner but we just weren't ready and the dentist telling her she could have it until she was 4 didn't help her either. But we talked about it lots and she gave it up on her birthday cold turkey with only a couple rough nights - and they weren't that bad.

    My son turns 2 in a few months and we are hoping to get rid of the paci then. HOPE! :)

  8. wow i never knew that holes would work. i was never successful to even get my kids to take a paci. they all attached to me ie nursing...and that was very hard to break!

  9. lol, i don't want to stick holes in me!!

  10. Hi. Stopping by from SITS. My daughter only used a paci for 3 months. She just didn't seem to want or need it.


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