Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bedroom makeover for a Christmas Present?

Yes please!

Today,right after I put my son down for his nap, I jumped into bed with the laptop telling myself I would be starting a power point sideshow presentation which is in...oh t minus 2 days. I should just call myself procrastinator momma. Well, I'm not always a procrastinator. Seemingly only when it comes to forcing myself to do schoolwork that I REALLY reallllly don't want to do. And this is one of those times. So what do I do? Check out all the mommy blogs. Through one, I found a really cool website called As I was surfing through, I realized how great it was due to the fact that there are a TON of moms sharing thoughts, ideas, contests, crafts, ect. So I signed up.

I'm so glad I did! After checking out the discussions, I came across a post for a contest at Vision Cutting right to the chase, this website is nothing short of amazing. I don't know about you, but I like personalized items. I love them in fact. Canvases, throw pillows, blankets..that stuff is fun. And the only place around me that has that option is ordering through a powerhouse chain like Wal-Mart which has a pitiful selection of choices.

So my excitement grew when I started surfing around the visionbedding website. Hoo-ooly! Looking for a customized baby blanket I found the perfect (and I mean PERFECT-O) design to use for my friend's baby shower coming up. It fits her theme to a T. How awesome is that? FINALLY! There is someone who is speaking to us as consumers who not only want style but who want a myriad of products to choose from. I'm in heaven.

Well, it just so happens that the Vision Bedding company is giving away a custom bedroom makeover worth $1000! This is great news for my family. Let me start from the beginning.

My pregnant self (at the time) and my finacee purchased our first home together almost two years ago. We totally fell in love with a cute two story flipped home in a tiny little village an hour west of Albany, NY. We were so excited to move out of the "city" and start our little family. Fast fowards to almost two years later. Our son is 14 months old and every room in the house has been touched and re-done by moi. Every room except daddy and mommy's room. I couldn't tell you why this is. Actually, yes I can. Once you have a child, all of those little "projects" that would originally take a few hours take days or weeks. Half of the bedroomwalls have been tape for the past year. Wow, now that I just wrote that I can't believe it's been that long. H was only a few months old when I attempted to start on our room....yikes!!

Looking at this picture makes me cringe. The mismatched pillow cases and plaid comforter, lack of pictures on the hideous baby blue wall, no window treatments..the list goes on. This bedroom needs some big help!

It's amazing, really. I did not have an inkling as to what I would do with this room until I began browsing the numerous designs/images that are easily available for online viewing. But I knew as soon as I rolled my mouse over the image that that was the one.
I simply love the calming blue swirls that make up this flower...or at least I think it's a flower. Whatever it is, it's serene and beautiful. And right about now I could use serene and beautiful.

You, too, can enter this contest! Just head over to to sign up and write about why you need a bedroom makeover. Hurry, deadline is November 17th!

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