Saturday, November 7, 2009

Excuse me, where is the bathroom?

Talk about fried.

Last night babe went to a casual office party at his bosses home. It was important to him that he go because not only does he want to create friendships with his co workers, but also that he's stealthily attempting to climb the ladder of success at the company. He's been working there less than a year yet he has already received a raise as well as more responsibility. He's liking the raise; not so much the excess commitments. I wasn't able to tag along because I had to write up a powerpoint presentation AND a paper for my special ed weekend class. Professional procrastinator here. All that time and effort for one measly credit. Pfffft.

As I was lying in bed putting the finishing touches on super snoozy technical writeup, I hear babe come in rattlebanging the whole way. Quickly I sneak a peak at the ancient digital clock on our nightstant. 12:17am. What the hell? Is he plastered? Number one, let me state that it is very unlike him to go out, and number two, when he does go out, he heads back home at a decent hour.

I pick up my half asleep body, will myself up and out of my nice warm bed (those martha stewart k-mart clearance duvets are AWESOME) and tiptoe down the stairs so I don't wake my sleeping son. "How was it?" I asked him. No doubt in my man voice that I seem to get every morning and night when the freaking weather changes. He started laughing and couldn't stop for almost a minute. Ohhh great. So it's going to be one of those nights, I thought. Sleep was on my mind. I had to be up at 530 the next morning so I could make it to my comprehensive exam on time in Albany. He finally stopped laughing and managed to catch his breath before telling me the events of that evening. Apparently, Patti, his bosses wife had painstakingly made a beautiful cheese platter, lots of good wine, the whole nine. Everyone was having a good time shmoozing. One of his lady co-worker friends was drinking, and drinking, and drinking some more. You get the idea. She was shitty. Bombed. Done-zo.

"She didn't even look drunk at first" Babe told me.
"We were all chilling out, talking and eating. Nothing crazy."


"So," he said, "she went into the bathroom, and we all heard a huge THUMP and then a crack. Next think we knew, water was everywhere. She fell headfirst into the shitter, cracked and broke the toilet and there was water shooting up from the floor."

At first it didn't seem funny. But then when I thought about it...this young girl just trying have a good time at this party, probably pretty drunk and just trying to go relieve herself...and ending up destroying her bosses toilet and on top of that having to deal with water damage....

I started cracking up. So there we were, the two of us at 12:30 in the morning laughing our asses off.

I love these moments.

...And I love him even more.

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