Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest

Today marks the second month that Hunter and I have been living with good ol' mommy and daddy.

 The transition has been a little chaotic.  OK, more than a little chaotic.  I have my way of doing things, mom has her way.  And we've always butted heads when it comes to a clean house.  Her version is not a speck, not a drip, not a toy or sippy cup out of place.

My version, well, isn't that.  Not even close.   Before moving here, my house could be described as a "controlled chaos".  And I was fine with it.  If Hunter's toys were all over and a few dishes were left in the sink, I was totally cool with it.  When I felt the house was getting too out of hand or if company was popping in, I cleaned.  I

My mother on the other hand (hi mom!)...


Every.  Little.  Tiny.  Thing.

So I'm trying to adapt.

I think I've been improving.  I think.  Or at least, when mom has exited the building, My style includes leaving everything that would be an absolute no-no in her book all over the place, then scram to clean it up before she walks in the door.  Why pick up after a child when they're just going to make more messes in their wake?   Apparently  mom liked picking up after me, because she mentioned the other day she would pick up my toys numerous times during the course of a day.  Holy hell.  Not this mommy.

Nope.  I'm a once-per-day-toy-or-other-crap-picker-upper.  I have other important activities to partake in.  Like watching Yo Gabba Gabba for the 10 millionth time or blowing bubbles until I'm on the brink of passing out due to lack of breath.

I do respect her rules, however.  And today I actually cleaned Hunter's high chair tray immediately after he finished eating.    Typically I'll take him out, clean him off, then become absorbed in some other activity before walking by the tray again and realize whatever he had eaten for lunch resembles tiny pebbles and is almost as hard as concrete. Then it takes me 20 minutes to scrape and pry old food off.

Ok, so maybe this immediate cleaning up after myself thing isn't that bad.

Maybe:) steps. :)


  1. oh that would be hard for me too...controlled chaos is much more my style...

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  3. Well your mother is right in her tactic to clean every tiny little thing. And you should do it, too. Especially when you have a little baby in your house.


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