Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The best feelings in the world are....

  •  Seeing a really good friend after months or years of not talking, but you pick up right where you left off and it feels like not a day has passed since you have seen her.

  •  Realizing you are more resilient than you thought.  Maybe not unflappable, but definitely stronger.

  • Cuddling with your son after a long drawn out day, and he pulls his arms around your neck and holds on for dear life. 

  • Having all the bills paid for that month.

  • Seeing, touching, smelling, holding your newborn child for the very first time, and knowing you made this tiny little human that is a part of you.    

{Love at first sight}

What is the best feeling in the world for you?


  1. I agree, especially with the last one. (I just received a brand new grandson 5 days ago).

    You pretty much hit the mark with all of them!

  2. I haven't experience that last one, but I'm sure there's nothing better!! I think that "talking to old friends" one speaks to me. I always worry a little when I'm about to meet an old friend I haven't seen in a while. I LOVE it when we pick right up, and the years melt away. THAT'S a pretty great feeling!

  3. When the baglumglums are winning the day and my 2 year old sees I'm unhappy/moody/grumpy, she gives me her best silly face. The baglumglums lose the fight after that! :)

    The Yin & Yang of Motherhood

  4. thanks for the smiles this morning...having my boys tackle me when i come in the door...quiet coffee with my wife in the mornings...standing on the edge of a cliff, the breeze in your face...

  5. That first snuggle in the morning before the kids are really awake (whether with them in the snuggle or without) Knowing that you did the best job you could

  6. A tight squeeze around the neck from my little girl.

    Found you on MBC and now following you. Can't wait to read more.

    Malinda @

  7. Love. Laughter.

    I am glad you are so happy!

  8. Those are all great. A little sunshine after a long winter is one of the best feelings for me.

  9. The best feeling in the world to me was definitely when I held my son for the very first time, and when he latched on like an old pro while we were still in the delivery room. My heart was handed over to him that very moment he came into existence, entering into our world. The other best feeling ever? Meeting my husband. Without him, I'd never have all the happiness I know today. My two boys, the best feeling is knowing I have them.

  10. Beautiful! Hmmm, for me? Looking around my house and realizing I've finished all my work and there's nothing to do but sit in my chair or take a nice long hot bath.

  11. Love it!

    I am your newest follower from TMC. I would love it if you would follow me too!


  12. Wow so adorable. Baby is really a blessing and it will make our life more meaningful.


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