Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today has been one big pile of lazyness.  Babe, Hunter and I have been hanging out in the living room all morning/afternoon watching movies, which I don't often do-but c'mon!  It''s Sunday funday-and we're in definite need need of a little break.  Babe has been stressing about work, and it's really been making him restless. I've finished grad classes, and have decided to be a stay at home mom for another sememster, thus pushing my student teaching venture to next fall.  Soooo-I've also decided to take a few more classes this coming semester to get an extension down in elementary ed (currently I'm going for el. ed. 1-6).  In doing that, i'll be able to apply for my early childhood certification as well as my childhood AND defer my loans again.  How else is a SAHM going to pay back my billion gazillion dollars in loans? 

As I'm writing this, I just realized I can't even apply for the class I want.  The registation website is telling me I owe money to the bursars office.  WHAT the #*#%*#&%#!?  No I don't..or do I?  No. Definitly don't.  Or do I?  Nooo.. That would have been taken care of by loans, right?   Whatever
Hunter is playing peacefully on the living room floor, having a ball with my purse and pulling out all of it's contents. What is it about moms stuff that is just so great? I could give him the very same thing and tell him it's his and he'd still want mine.

So now, i'm going to go back to relaxation mode ( or try like hell to!) so I don't lose my mind.  Every day, especially being a parent, there's always something. Something that causes us to stress out, make our hearts beat faster; something that makes us lose sleep.  Maybe it's the bills, a sick child,  a relationship spat, or a job loss. Something.  It's neverending. 
 So I just decided I'm not going to let it get the best of me.  'Cause right there on that living room floor is one of the most important people in my life, and i'm off to spend some QT with him. 

I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Right on, Scarlett O' Hara.


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