Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello, Grasshead

Last week, Rite Aid had a huge 90% off blow out sale, which I totally took advantage off.  I bought little stocking stuffers,  wrapping paper, two mini christmas trees, and a metal stocking holder for only a few dollars.  Totally all set for next year.  Thanks mom for turning me into a clearance hunting, deal seeking frugal cheap-o mamma.  I owe it all to you. And I know you're reading this (I love you!)

Here is one of the stocking stuffers I decided to keep for Hunter and I so we can watch his "hair" grow. Ok, ok.  This stocking stuffer was cheap and I decided to get it because I was unsure if I would really give it to someone as a gift.  And I decided not to..because, well...look at it.  Would you want that as a gift?  It's pretty fugly if you ask me.  But, my son was all excited about it, and so I decided to try it out. 


I'm thinking a haircut is in order.


  1. I love it! That is too cute! LOL

    This is the first year me not taking advantage of the sales ugghhhh. I like to put it in my prize, present, and holiday closet.. now it is bare.

  2. Actually, I think it is pretty cute, especially for a child.

    I always love a fantastic bargain!

  3. This year I was totally out of the loop. I missed all the good after-Christmas sales, and that kills me.

    I love your find. Wish we had a Rite Aid nearby.

  4. I am back...with an award for you,

  5. I think he's cute (in an odd sort of way)!


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