Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Say no to fake Ugg boots

Ok, so obviously I didn't make it to the library yesterday, and I was honestly a little bummed.  I'm getting crazy cabin fever and although I love hanging out with the fam,  yesterday was no exception.  Hunter and I were shopping and because of a few pre-terrible two fits, we ended up making a would-be 1 hour shopping trip into 3 hours.

Oh, and my boots suck.  You know those fake Uggs?  Yes, I actually bought a pair last year.  I really don't know what I was thinking.  They are NOTHING like Uggs.  More like slippers, really.  And I wear them as boots.  In three feet of snow. I'm so smart.

  So, like I said, Hunter and I were shopping.  We had left the grocery store and while loading the groceries into the backseat, I bit it on a slab of black ice while wearing the fake Uggs with negative traction and fell right on my arse in front of the guys who round up the grocery carts.  You know those guys. They have the WORST job in the entire world-especially when it's below 0 and people just don't feel like walking a few extra steps to put the carts back. I really commend those grocery cart-gather-uppers.   Anyway,  boy, did they have a nice show.  Hunter was screaming with frustration and exhaustion in his car seat while I'm lying flat on my back.  After a few giggles, one of the guys came over to give me hand.  I can't blame them.  I would be laughing at me too. 

  So now, I will be shopping for new boots.  Real boots.  Any suggestions?

and last but not least:
   congratulations to Amy for winning a Fan Dangling!


  1. Oh you poor dear!

    My mom has 4 pairs of Ugg boots. 2for just around the house and 2 to go out in - a bit much I say.

    Good luck on your boot quest. I am still looking for boots and it has been 3 months of looking - even on Zappos!!

  2. oh no thats horrible I would have cried!

  3. My daughter has a pair of Sketchers that look sort of like Uggs. She loves them and has had them for a couple years.

  4. Happy New Year!
    I am following from MBC.

  5. Carrie @

    That's hilarious! Years from now you'll be laughing too! About the boots--it's hard for me to shell out big bucks for the real deal but considering your story, it's probably worth it. Next time I'm in the market for new boots, NAME BRAND all the way, baby!


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