Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Drowning...

In a massive pile of laundry...HELP!

Ok...I think it's time to tackle this rediculous-ness called laundry.  Can I just tell you how much I despise doing this?  Actually, I should say-it's not so much the picking up the clothes and putting them in the washer/dryer so much as the act of plucking clothing out of the machine, tossing them in the basket, bringing them upstairs THEN the neverending task of folding.  Oy.  

~Manic Momma~




  1. I can relate. I have had to rewash clothes because they sat in the basket to long and are a mass of wrinkles. I hate ironing more than I hate folding so back into the wash they go. I am following from MBC.

  2. I have decided I don't dislike the folding either. It is the fact that no one puts their laundry away after I do that that annoys me.

  3. Then can you come over and finish mine?

  4. Looks like our laundry debacle. If you don;t address it at first glance, I swear it doubles in size that next second. Feel better soon! Thank you for the follow, I am following back and snatched your button for my blog.


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