Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Random thoughts from my mommy mind...

-Monkey started walking-really walking! We brought him to play with his little buddy Collin and, low and behold, he decided he wanted to do that too! Where did my little baby go?

-I will be hosting my first candle party in a few weeks. I never thought I'd be one of those moms. But I'm actually pretty excited about having some much needed girly time.

-I'm starting to get a little (OK, a lot) panicky since the semester is almost over and I still need to begin a 15 hour observation and conduct a research project...Doesn't Saint Rose know I'm a busy stay at home mom? They should. Duhhh.

-I just have to say-I could eat Italian french bread with oil & vinegar all day every day. So delish. But so carb-y. Oh well.

-I'm loving the new Sesame Street, especially with the celeb guests. That is the one children's show I can actually sit down and watch without wanting to rip my eyeballs out.

-I have laundry I need to put away that has been in laundry baskets for four days now. I think I really need to put that away.

-Finally childproofed the house 100%. I bought four french door locks since monkey now likes to open the doors to investigate. His favorite door is to the downstairs bathroom. He always walks over to it asking for daddy (probably because as soon as daddy comes home he heads straight for the poop deck). I have to try to explain to him that daddy is at work, not in the bathroom. He ignores me, opens the door and stands in front of the toilet confused. Poor little bug.

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