Saturday, March 5, 2011

Laptop, Oh Laptop, How I Have Missed Thee!

My laptop has been out of commission.

'Nough said.

I have been using the local college computers, as well as my parents Dell 2000 machine  And going crazy.  Do you remember how heavy computers were back then? And how slow?  I DO.  Because for the past month, that's all I've had to work with.  Pretty amusing,  because it has only been 10 yrs.  Technology has changed ridiculously since then.

So today, Mema B is babysitting Hunter while I continue to job search. Currently I'm long term subbing, but in June that position will expire. So, I've been throwing applications out left and right, and not in my field of study.  I studied to be a teacher; now I'm applying to communications and marketing. Everyone knows that school districts are cutting teaching positions (at least in NY).  Soooo... it's on to plan B. 

Still optimistic.

We'll see if that holds up by June...


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