Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are You Ready For Spring?

I know I am!  I enjoy aspects of every season and  all they have to offer, but my least favorite would have to be winter.  It's so pretty and exciting when the first snow falls, but after Christmas, I'm really to say "see ya!" to the cold.  I am an outdoor girl, a sun girl, a flowers girl. A girl who likes to be warm.  I keep asking myself why, WHY, do I live in the state of NY then?  With all four seasons, two of them that seem to last wayyyyy too long.  But I know if I moved to a state where the leaves didn't turn bright red yellow and orange in the Fall, or enjoy a nice snowfall on Christmas day, or be able to go outside in the freshly fallen snow to make a snowman with my son-it just wouldn't feel right.  So although I may boo-hoo about the cold and snow at times, I know it's too much a part of me to toss away.

In saying that, the best part of having a long cold winter is the anticipation of warm weather and SPRING!! Today, most of the snow has melted away in our area, which is super exciting.  My girlfriends Ginny, Erin and I met up to take a walk around town with the kids..  Erin is VERY pregnant, and I was very surprised and amazed she has all the energy she has to want to exercise.  She walked all the way from her house (which is about a half mile away) to our meeting place at the post office, walked for 40 minutes, then she walked back home.  She's almost 8 months preggo, and I can remember walking a few steps and feeling winded.  How she is doing it, I have no clue.  But props to her, becuase I think that's pretty damn amazing!

Collin & Hunter-best buds.

   Getting ready to hit the road.  Erin had already been walking a ways before meeting us!

So, my question to you is: are you ready for Spring?  
What are your plans? Do you do spring clean?  Are you excited about warmer weather, or are you sad winter is leaving us behind?

  Which reminds me....I should get on that soon.  Spring cleaning, I mean.  Yikes.


  1. What's your son's name? My son's name is Colin! And one more to 300. I expect a speech.

    What say you?

  2. THat would be Hunter:) Collin (or Colin) is a good name-how old is your son?

  3. yes...i am. got teased a bit last week with the wonderful weather...chilly and wet now. the mountains are calling...

  4. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!! We played outside yesterday!

    I Spring Clean in spurts. If it is nice out I play, but there are plenty of rainy days so then I clean whatever is bothering me the most.

    Ideally, it would be nice if there were no rainy days :-)

  5. I love spring. Perfect park weather, the slides aren't burning yet. Warm enough to stay outside without sweating. But I am kind of dreading this year because I have some extra weight. time to hit Ross and find a cute long flowy dress.

  6. Miss winter? Never!

    I am the same way, why do I live here?

    Our snow is finally all gone, except for where the huge piles were. It was 60 degrees today! yahoo!

  7. I'm in Southern California, so we only have spring and summer.... lol

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