Monday, October 20, 2008

What do I talk about?

Since I began my blogging venture in October 2009, I struggled with how I wanted to express and portray my personality on my blog.  So many blogs I read aligned with specific themes- some were purely comical, serious story tellers,  Type A moms who have their act together, strictly informative or downright snarky.  I couldn't figure out where I fit in-because when it comes down to it, I'm all of those on any given day.  So what do I talk about then?  Everything and anything-whatever my little heart desires!  Some days I'm the "together" mom, and other days I'm simply not.  I'm a real mom-someone who is "perfectly imperfect".

You never know what you'll find here-I'd say a little bit of everything! From product reviews and giveaways, tips, tricks and information about parenting to my personal life, rants, raves, opinions and thoughts as a parent.

**Please note that I will not share anything (in terms of products on the site) that I do not believe in.  If I am sent a product to review and I would not use it myself, I will not endorse that item.  This blog is an extension of myself-and I strive to be truthful and forthcoming.   So stick around-it may just be a crazy ride:-)