Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day: Just Another Excuse For Me To Get Fat

I think the meaning behind Valentine's Day was very well intentioned-meant to devote yourself to the one(s) you love, express how much they they mean to you and shower them with gifts.

Or, in short, the only way most blockhead men will do something nice.

But it's so contrived.  So planned.  So....cliché. 

So, lets just say, we don't do Valentine's day in this household.  I would much rather Babe send me flowers on a random Wednesday in March, or bring me out to dinner just because.  Yesterday I think he played it safe and bought me some stuff anyway. I'm going with the he-just-bought-it-because-he-wanted-to; not because it was Valentines day the next day. Which, I'm thinking he forgot about anyway, because it's noon and he hasn't mentioned V-day yet.  Hehe.

So, the "stuff" he bought me included a hefty amount of all sorts and types of flower seeds.  He bought me a greenhouse for my birthday, so this is probably the most perfect gift he could have given me.  I am an obsessive gardener when summertime hits, and he knows this, so-good job Babe!

 Later on today I'm heading out to the store to get all sorts of Valentine's day candy.  Why would I do that if I don't celebrate the holiday, you might ask?

Because the freakin' candy is just too good to pass up.  Passing those candy isles with the heart shaped red and pink glossy boxes of mouthwatering chocolates inside is just too tempting. I have really shoddy self control when it comes to holiday chocolates.   Not only that, but it's that time of the month.  I don't need to explain further on that one, must I?

So there you have it.  Valentines Day is one of the last holidays for me to stock up on chocolates and candy.  After this "holiday" I go cold turkey on a chocolate fast and don't look twice at the stuff until next Halloween.

...or maybe Easter.  Damn.  I forgot about Easter.

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  1. I got three boxes of chocolates (one from each of the kids and one from my husband), and you know you can never stop at just one... We didn't really do the holiday either, but we did go out to eat. I'm with you-I want things to be "just because" types of gifts.


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