Sunday, January 17, 2010

Count Your Blessings...

I can't hide my head in the sand any longer. To be honest, I've been giving the news a cold shoulder lately. Sometimes I'll follow it religiously, other times, I ignore it...or try to.  Babe, on the other hand, is obsessed with the news. He could sit in front of his fave new station all day every day and soak up it's content.    Frankly, I've had enough, and I'm sick of hearing of the depressing disasters, personal attacks,  and sick-o nutjobs.  Not to mention the media prying into people's personal lives and putting it on display in front of thousands of people (Brittany Murphy and the 911 call, anyone?).  So heartbreaking and depressing. Today, though, I decided to watch with babe. I needed to put on my big girl pants and deal. 

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard about Haiti.  It's so unfortunate these people not only have to deal with extreme poverty, but to deal with a catastrophic earthquake to this extent is just heartrenching.  The death toll at this moment in Haiti is at 70,000 now-and the number is expected to rise as more bodies are found.  Seventy-THOUSAND!  I can't even wrap my mind around those numbers.   After watching 60 minutes tonight, my heart hurt for these people and their families.  The deceased aren't even receiving proper burials.  Tractors are picking up their bodies and dumping them in mass graves.

Please say a  prayer for these people...I can't even imagine.  


  1. That 60 Minutes piece was hard to watch. I am a news junkie and sometimes think it makes me desensitized but I was taken aback by that report last night.

  2. It is terrible and I too can't even imagine...

  3. I, like you, avoid the news like the plague. I have heard about Haiti, but I try not to watch. We donate money through our church, and they distribute as needed, but I don't have a lot to give right now. I know. Ignoring it isn't going to make it go away. And I'm not trying to IGNORE it. I'm just the kind of girl who will sit and cry all day over something liek that (You should ahve seen me on 911)and I have a hard time dealing. They are always in my prayers.

    Following from MBC.

  4. @ I'm NOT a VOLCANO!
    -I'm the same way-I'll sit there and get super emotional. It's so difficult because on one hand you want to be informed so you do not become ignorant of important issues, but on the other hand sometimes you have to figure out how that information impacts your life. I know horrible things go on in this world every day and that there are evil people out there-but sometimes it's helpful to avoid these issues-(at least for me) to be able to carry on.

  5. I've been putting my head in the sand too. And just yesterday I watched the news and read the paper. Its horrible.

    I will be praying. And my kids are going to start bake sales and other fundraisers to help too. It may not be a lot but every little bit helps.

  6. I nominated you for an award:

  7. We are blessed that we can decide to turn off the tv and forget for a while. Let's all pray together.

    Thanks for the follow. I am now following you.


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