Monday, December 7, 2009


Phew.  I think it just quieted down.  HALLELUJAH!

My best friend Erin is pregnant, and today was the day she would find out whether she would need to purchase a whole lot of pink, or hang on to the blue and do the whole big brother-little brother-hand-me-down thing.  I had predicted (from when she first told me she was preggers back in August) that it would be a girl.  Did it come true?  Well, you'll have to find out:)

  Erin's son Collin is a month older than H, so I offered to watch him while she went to her ultrasound appointment.  The last doc's visit she went to with her son turned out to be nothing short of a nightmare, with Collin running all over the place, touching this, yanking on that, screaming and crying because he wanted mommy's attention.  So, for her sanity's sake as well as her wanting to actually enjoy this ultrasound, she dropped Collin off at my house so the boys could play.  She was happy to be child free for an hour, and I was happy to have a playmate for H.  Since this whole H1N1 scare, we haven't been going out as often as we normally would.  Our Y trips have been cut down, as well as our weekly play dates and mall trips that we take specifically to go play at the indoor playgrounds.  After battling with the pros and cons of the vaccine, I finally reached a decision.  H will be getting the shot.  We actually have a doc's appointment tomorrow. Still a little torn (don't like the idea of doing ANOTHER shot), but I feel it's something we need to do right now.
 I thought I used to hate shots, but man-it is SO much worse watching your child go through them.

Anyway, we've been out of the playscene for a while, so we were pretty excited to have Collin over.  We put on a little Yo Gabba Gabba, pulled out the blocks, and the kids played for two hours straight. It's funny how toddlers are.  H has a play phone that he NEVER touches anymore, but as soon as Collin plucked it out of his toybox, there was an sudden interest on H's part and started chasing him around the house relentlessly.  H WANTED that phone!  And as soon as Collin threw it on the floor only to pick up another toy H has had forever (and doens't play with anymore), he didn't want the phone anymore, and was on to the next  item of Collin flavor of the minute. They really kept me busy.  And it was so much fun to watch them play together.  And now he's finally down (hopefully for a while) so I can take a breather, watch Dr Phil and RELAX.


PS-Erin is having a girl!  So excited for her.  Now I have another excuse to go shopping!!


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