Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Missing Utah Woman

Image via Fox News

During Hunter's naptime, I happened across a newstory of a Utah woman who went missing after going on a random camping trip with her husband and two children, ages 2 and 4.  I watched the husband answering questions from the media in regards to his wife and her whereabouts, and it simply broke my heart enough where I actually found myself with stray tears running down my cheeks.  I couldn't even IMAGINE.  Two kids.  Ages 2 and 4.  So sad.

Based on what you've seen, what do you think?


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  2. This is the first time i hear about this . so sad but i'll be honest everytime I hear a woman goes missing it reminds me of scott peterson horrible I know but when someone goes missing I tend to think the worst. I hope shes found safe.
    BTW following from MBC

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  4. this is difficult to tell. My hubby often jokes about how he'd talk to the media if I went missing.. LOL it's all in fun.. I do the same to him. We do this because it happens too often, that's just sad and breaks my heart. If this is real, it's awful we even have to question it. There have been so many fake ones, and the husband or MOM ends up in jail it's awful.

    I love your blog btw.. I gave you an award swing by my page and pick it up.

  5. I heard about this on Fox last week. I'm sorry you do not bring your 4 year old and almost 2 year old out at midnight to go roast marshmallows after a huge snow storm.

  6. I haven't seen this story up here in Canada yet. Sigh. Scary. Prayers for her family.

  7. This story is so sad....I feel so deeply for those kids. I have a hard time not suspecting family members (a.k.a., the husband) when something like this happens. It's hard to trust anyone nowadays really. I just hope she is ok....I'm following you from MBC.

  8. I live in utah my self.
    This has been all over the news for days and days. I feel for her family and hope they find her soon.


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