Sunday, December 20, 2009

They don't prepare you for this in the parenting manuels

Hunter has been sleeping for almost three hours.  I'm getting a little nervous.  Although, I should point out that when I stepped into his room, the familiar assaulting scent of poop filled my nostrils upon impact.  Do I need to change the diaper genie already?

No.  It wasn't that.  When I came closer to his crib, I got it.  He blew out his diaper like I've never seen before, and poo was smeared on the blanket, bedding, hair, you name it.  I almost lost it (my morning coffee, that is)-it was so...gross.  Pool little guy.  We did give him a lot to eat last night.

So right into the tub he went.  Fun in the bath, splish splash-ing away having a gay old time.  Until he accidentally pulled up the knob for the shower, and water started spraying out of the shower head.  That was it for him.  He sprang up out of that tub like a bottle rocket.  My little poop blaster is terrified of the shower.

....what a kid.


  1. Funny and horrible at the same time!

    Once my daughter pooped in the carseat and it went UP her diaper into her shirt and everywhere!! It was an explosion indeed. Luckily it was summer and I took her home and actually hosed her off before bringing her inside.

    I never gave her pear juice again.

  2. Happy Holidays! Following from MBC! I'd love for you to come visit me!


  3. What a cutie!

    Happy New Year to you and Hunter :)

    Stefanie from

    (...stopped by from MBC...and now I'm following you)


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