Sunday, October 11, 2009


Mommy. Nurse. Therapist. Chef. Maid. Teacher. Friend. You know, a little of everything when you run a household and are a Stay at Home Mom. I am a college educated (soon to have my masters) rural mommy who is loving life with my two favorite people- my other half and my one year old son who is my world.

Random stuff about me:

-I love stale cheese puffs. When I buy them, I purposely leave them unopened for a few days to let the air get to them.

-I am addicted to nail biting.  I've been biting away since I was three years old and my parents and I have tried just about everything: the icky tasting nail biters polish, hot sauce, punishment, fake nails-nothing works!  Well, I take that back.  Acrylic nails work for about a month ( I can't ruin them right away after shelling out $$!), then I start gnawing away on those, too.  It's to the point where I don't even realize it's happening anymore, and by the time I do-see ya later, nail.

-I was a figure skater for 15 years.  I competed in the Empire State games in Lake placid for precision, as well as many other locations around NYS.  Skating was such a large part of my life, I would literally be on the ice for 6-8 hrs straight-not because I was forced to, but because I loved the sport so much.  Yes, I said sport! It's a workout, let me tell 'ya. Toe pick!

-I have totally turned into my grandmother.  I coupon like it's my job and now that I'm starting to find really great deals (thanks to my bloggy friends!), I'm starting to purchase stuff at great prices like it's going out of style.  It takes a little bit of planning (that's what Sunday nights are for-sitting in front of the tv watching Desperate Housewives and clipping coupons, baby).  It was frusterating and time consuming at first, but now that I'm actually getting the hang of it and scoring some thrifty deals, I'm definitly hooked.  I love me some coupons.

-I love orange juice but hate oranges, grapes but hate grape juice, and detest apple juice but love a nice ripe granny smith or mackintosh.

-I swear I would loose my head if it wasn't already attached.  I constantly loose my keys and purse (among other things) and need to write myself notes and stick them in random places around the house.  Parking is a real issue for me-I constantly forget where I park when I'm out shopping and tend to wander around the parking lot aimlessly looking like a moron.


  1. Nice to meet ya, hope to get to know ya better! Great life, great great blog! I can so relate to a Manic Moms mess!

    God is Love,
    Mommy Dearest

  2. OMG!!! Can we please be friends?! I live in NYC too!!!

  3. had I only known about your love of stale cheese puffs; I had some stale cheeseballs that I reluctantly had to toss :D

  4. Hi there! Love your blog. I can definitely relate to being addicted to couponing and scoring great deals. Because of my love for clipping coupons and shopping I started my blog, Savings Corner. Would love for you to take a look at it(


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