Monday, November 30, 2009

Is there a Couponing for DUMMIES out there?

Just got back from grocery shopping.  I have to admit...I'm super discouraged.

Usually I attempt to be a frugal-ista-I hunt for the best bargains in the store and use my coupons to match up with the sales.  I don't know if it's the grocery stores in my area, but lately I haven't been finding anything worth writing home about.  Honestly, I haven't found much at all.  And it's pretty frusterating.

A few months ago, I found a really great, helpful website called  The site owner, Sarah Barrand is very clear about what she does on her site and has a couponing 101 section which really helped me get all set up.

So one Sunday night, while babe and I were settling down in the living room after we put H to sleep, I gathered my Sunday paper with all of the fliers and inserts and sat down try my hand at this coupon-ing thing.  It went well at first-I really nabbed some great deals!  "wow!" I thought.  "Maybe this can work afterall!"  I didn't mind putting in the time and effort to gather the coupons.  I actually enjoyed it.  And still do.  It's fun when you see a great sale and can match the coupon up to get even better deal.  I understand now when I hear other people say it's like a rush.  It's a great feeling to walk away from an item that would normally cost $20 and nab it for 5 bucks AND get a $3 register reward (yayy Walgreens!). least where the food is concerened, I haven't been seeing much.  I went in to Hannaford today and found NADA.  Price Chopper wasn't any better.  I am armed with this perfectly labeled (thanks Sarah!!!) binder with plastic photo inserts and can't even use it.  It's like dressing up in your hottest little black dress but having no where to go. Where's the fun in that?

Maybe I'm doing this wrong.  If I am, please..someone let me in on the secret.  Or maybe it's the grocery stores in my area of NY.  I'm not sure.  I feel so bad because babe works so hard and I never seem to bring home that many groceries.  I look at prices on items such as orange juice, fruits, veggies...EVERYTHING and think even 2 years ago prices weren't this high.  I hunt around, even shopping at ALDI. We are not poor by any means, but we are not close to well off either.  He's the breadwinner right now, and I'm the stay at home mom who is trying to finish graduate school.   The fact is, money is tight and I'm finding it's getting more and more difficult to stretch a dollar and really make it count.  I spent $80 and feel I have hardly anything to show for it.

 If any of you have good couponing tips, I'd love for you to share them!


  1. Do you have a price book - a part of your notebook that tells you want the standard, regular price is at the various stores where you shop. You can find out more at

  2. First off, you are not a dummy, it does take a while to get things together.

    I find too that there are times when it doesn't matter what you do, it doesn't seem to help!

    I agree with the price book, but you also want to check the unit prices as well!

  3. I am terrible with couponing (is that actually a verb?!). I never find anything that I actually was planning to buy; only stuff that I want to buy b/c there is a coupon, which completely defeats the purpose, right?! I just try to use store brands when they are on sale. It's the best I can do. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back soon:)

  4. I LOVE coupons!!!!! It just takes time...

    Great blog! Following you from MBC!

    Amy at


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