Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday mayhem and foolishness.......but SO worth it!

This year was my very first Black Friday. I've always avoided this shopping day after all of the nut-so stories I've heard. This one was trampled. That one stood in line for 2 hours.

I just didn't want to deal with any of it. BUT, sometimes that day comes when you feel you need to check out the scene and brave it. Which is what I did yesterday. I hate to admit this, but I actually liked it. No, I was not a fan throngs of people hoarding around, mimicking vultures just for one $4 game, or the sweaty moms sporting an attitude because they're out with their 4 year old and 13 month old ( is 5 am lady), or the fact that it took 4 laps around toys 'r us before I found a parking spot-WAY in the back of the store. Those things I did not love.

It was the fact that, as soon as I stepped foot into the store-I could feel the excitement. I've always loved a good bargain. And let me tell you, there were lots of them. I, for one, and so glad I went.

So I gave myself a $50 limit and this is what I managed to nab:

Christmas Tree Shop
Play Kitchen Set-($20 reg. price marked down to $8.96 minus 25% off)

play tent ($14 reg. price minus 25 % off)

5 Dr. Seuss books ($2 minus 25% off)

Harmonica ($1.99 minus 25% off)

talking fridge magnents ($20 marked down to $10)

Sit 'n Spin ($22 reg. price, $11 after coupon)

I didn't get a whole lot in the whole scheme of things, but if you take into account that I saved about 40 bucks...that makes me pretty darn excited!! My fave buy definitely was the play kitchen...where else can you get one for under ten bucks?? That in itself made the whole experience worth it. I know Christmas Tree Shops are mainly in the North East, but they are slowly spreading out over the US. If you have one near you, I suggest you check it out!

What were your fab finds?


  1. You did awesome!!!!

    I didn't go - I have in years past but not this year.

    New follower come and visit me.

  2. Wow! This line scares me!!! I could never do it. You are a brave soul!!!
    Melyssa - (-:


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