Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's 9:59 and....silence....


My one year has been sleeping since 9pm and not one peep.
It's funny how the simple things in life makes a mommy oh so joyous. Sitting at the computer with my ugly but oh so cozy snuggy, a steaming cup of black coffee in my favorite oversize apple red christmas cup with a hair-do (really a hair don't) that looks like I stuck my fingers in a light socket is GOLD at 10 am. I almost forgot I could do this.

Oops. I heard it. That little cracked sleepy cry in the next room. Well, it was marvelous while it lasted! Off to begin the day with my little man and his daddy, who might I add is snoring himself into oblivion right next to me as I write. Which reminds me, I have to call the hospital to get him (my other half) in for an appointment with the snore doc to test for sleep apnea. Yep, it's that bad. I feel as if i'm sleeping next to a freight train night after night. Lets just say there's lots of poking and pinching which doesn't go over to well with the noise maker. I wonder how many other women have this problem?

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  1. Nice read - thanks! Also a stay at home mom and WAHM. My husband also has that snoring problem - Uhh.. what a nightmare! I couldn't take it anymore (after 10 years) and he now sleeps in his own room. Sad I know, but nothing worked and I need my sleep!


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