Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can I take a nap yet?

This morning literally feels as if i'm surrounded by fog and smog inside of my head.

Yesterday my father in law (or soon to be) showed up around 3:30..right smack dab in the middle of Dr Phil. I was happy to see him. I LOVE that guy! But was it so wrong to secretly wish that he could have walked through the door just 30 minutes later. I just wanted to see the snarky Stay at Home mom justify her position that if you decide to have children and you do not stay at home with them, then you are essentially a selfish individual and maybe should not have had children. WELL! I am a SAHM but wow! One of the producers said it very well: "you come across as being judgemental and sanctimonious". Which she was. Very much so to the fact that I wanted to take her smug look and rip it off of her face. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however when it places someone on a higher pedestal than someone else (which she was doing-of course she was on that higher pedastal) than that is just plain WRONG. Dear Lady, some people HAVE to work. There is no choice in the matter. Not everyone has the option to stay at home all day with their children. Furthermore, some people do not want to. Everyone is different, and each individual chooses their own path that is right for them. Phew. Ok-I got that out. Enough about that. It really fired me up though.

So dad in law comes and we hang out until Man of the House comes home from work. I was checking that clock like a maniac. Let me tell you-I was not in any way shape or form looking forward to heading out the door in the lovely 40 degree weather to drive an hour into Albany for my grad class. No way. But I did it. And it was't that bad...maybe that's because before heading home I dropped in to my old fave Sushi bar for a treat. So good. The absolute best. Why is there no Sushi places in Mayfield? Oh right. Thats because I choose to live out in the middle of no mans land. Hah.

So, upon returning from the Alb, I walk in the door-this is the story of my life-to find my son smeared head to toe in chocolate, food all over his outfit, in his hair and hands, and crawling all over my freshly cleaned carpet. Can we say AGHH! Needless to say the first thing I do is give him what he loves the most-his bath. H was happily splashing away with his tubby crayons and foam letters while I thought to myself, "Do I ALWAYS have to do everything?" I brought this up to him after H's bath and his response was, " i thought you were getting home later. It would have been done by then." Typical guy. Always a procrastonator. And PS Man of the House-it should have been done BEFORE he hit the carpet, FYI. Love you, love you.

So now I'm tired after the bath and the two guys are hanging out, kicking a few back and catching up father-son style while I'm hanging by a thread and utterly exhausted after a long day. I'm ready for bed. But that is not to happen. Man of the house calls his sister-mind you it is 11:30pm and I have a child sleeping upstairs. Sister comes around midnight or shortly thereafter. Myself-I'm in bed. But do I actually sleep? Are you kidding! Yelling, banging, laughing. This girl is a light sleeper. 2am rolls around and it sounds as if the entire house is falling down. That is when I've had it. I throw on the first thing closest to my bed-my oversized preggo pants- while my hair is, of course, a night mare. Creeping down the stairs, groggy and slightly pissed mind you, I find the two siblings rolling around on the floor wrestling with each other all in good fun. But did I think it was funny? Not so much.

So I told the "kids"(because, well, lets face it. Thats what they were acting like) to shape up or ship out. You only had to take one look at my face to understand that I wasn't joking around. I am the woman of this house, and you don't wake me when I'm trying to sleep. That is NEVER a good idea. UH uh. But I gave SIL a hug, told them to quiet down and went back up, hoping they would follow suit. 10 minutes later, they did (PRAISE the Lord!!) and all was quiet.

For a while.

H woke up 5 times that night screaming.

It's now 10:32 and he's still sleeping. Go figure.:)

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