Friday, December 18, 2009

Patient Style Website Review


As a mom of a soon-to-be 16 month old, I can recall Hunter's birth and hospital stay like it was yesterday.  I remember how unbelievably amazing, fascinating and scary the experience was. Family was gathered  in anticipation to see the newest addition to the family.  Family equipped with lots of cameras.

I can remember how unbelievably gross I felt before and after giving birth.  I'm not vain, but I'm not that girl that doesn't give a damn either.  I wanted to look decent for these most important first shots, and lying in that hospital bed, I felt anything but.  Although they tried to make the room and it's components homey, there was nothing close to comfort or style while garbed in a drab, used hospital gown and bedding.  Let me tell you, if I had known about cute hospital gowns before my son came along, I would have been one ecstatic momma. is specifically designed for the momma who wants to be comfortable and stylish during one of the most important and life changing events of one's life.  These people understand that as a woman, you shouldn't have to compromise how you look just because you're going to give birth!  You should still look good and feel comfortable doing it.  I'm honestly impressed by the selection of goodies you can choose to purchase for your big day-everything from baby gowns to pillows to baby slings.  The website  is smartly laid out with the name/logo at the top and tabs underneath for easy navigation.  The phone number to reach them is near the center, which is also a big plus.  I really hate it when I go to a website and  want to call customer service, but have to jump through a bunch of hoops to obtain it.  This number is right out front for you to nab if you feel the need to dial them.  Customer service, as well as other ways to reach them by e-mail and phone are also scattered around the website, so you really can't miss it. 

Come see Patient Style and all it has to offer for yourself  here

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  1. I am heading to NYC tomorrow with my 6 year old, any recs?

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  2. Oh it's not fair! Ah! Why couldn't I have found this 6 months ago when I was about to deliver my little!

    *shudders* I looked awful in those pictures. :(

    --- In From SITS

  3. I'll definitely check this out. I'm due in April. :)

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